Friday, March 17, 2017

Scaled Open Series: Workout 17.4 Tips - Presented by Gravity Fitness and Protes Protein Chips

WORKOUT 17.4 is.....16.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
     -55 deadlifts
     -55 wall-ball shots
     -55-calorie row
     -55 hand release push-ups

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
Men deadlift 135 lb., throw 20-lb. ball to 9-ft. target and perform hand-release push-ups
Women deadlift 95 lb., throw 10-lb. ball to 9-ft. target and perform hand-release push-ups

Strategy and Tips for doing 17.4 Scaled:

- First lets look at the movements:The Deadlift is the simplest expression of strength: "I pick things up and put them dowwwwn." The Deadlift is actually somewhat complex and the very best thing you can do if you don't belong to a CrossFit Affiliate is to find someone who can teach you how to do it safely. Feet shoulder width apart, hands just outside your legs. "Pinch" your shoulder blades and lift the loaded bar moving your chest and hips in sync. Stand straight up. Reverse the movement to return the bar to the ground.

Wall Ball Shots (WB). Standing a couple of feet in front of a wall and using a Dynamax or other soft medicine ball held just under your chin, do a deep squat. As you come up out of the squat throw the ball up the wall so that it hits a target 9 feet from the floor. Catch the ball on the way down and repeat.

We use the Concept 2 ergometer for our WODs. The little square box that sits at eye level is a computer that can record all kinds of cool stuff including how many calories you’ve ”burned” while rowing. Set the computer to record Calories (as opposed to Watts or Meters). The little handle on the side of the big wheel thingy in front of you is called the “damper”. Most folks will find that they get the most out of each stroke with a damper setting of 4 or 5. Then pull like crazy with a strong leg drive!

Push up - From a plank lower yourself until your chest is in contact with the ground. Lift you hands clearly off the ground at the bottom to remove any momentum (this is the "hand release" part). Push yourself back up so that your elbows lock out. Keep a straight back; no sticking your butt up in the air!

55 reps of each in a chipper format - max reps in 13 minutes. I feel the scaled version of doing this workout lends its self to make up time on things you are just naturally good at, rather than having the need to develop skills such as hand stand push ups or strength (yes, strength is a skill that requires development!) .  The formulating a plan for the first 2 movements are key to this workout.  Depending on your personal strengths is where you put the most effort between the deadlifts and wallballs.  For example if you have a strong build, try to make short work of the deadlifts @ 135/95lbs.  If you have a big engine the keep going on the wall balls since 20/10lbs is not as heavy relatively.  The goal is to keep your rest breaks to short 5 seconds or so, with the goal of finding how many reps you are able to complete before you only need a 5 second rest.  If you do too many reps of deadlifts or WBs and need to rest longer than 5 seconds you did too many on that next set and need to cut back.  You could try doing sets in a descending format such as 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 so each time you go again there are less reps to do (that rep format will get you to 55 total reps!)

Try not to rest between movements, after the wall balls move right on the row and start pulling, just adjust your pace accordingly to keep moving, same with the push up, from the rower drop down and do atleast 1 push up before taking a breather! Most of us will not make it to the second round so if you do, drop the hammer and go all out because you probably don't have much time left anyway!

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