Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Product Review: MOBLoko Kit

Mobility Kit Includes...
  • Foam Roller
  • Small Massage Ball
  • Large Massage Ball
  • Mobility Peanut
  • Latex Rubber Band
  • Carrying/Stretch Strap
Available at 
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Foam Roller & Massage Balls made of high density EVA Foam
Lightweight, Durable, Easy to Clean.
Twist End Caps for Convenient Storage of all Components.

My review:
Mobloko's new mobility and stretching products take an updated look at traditional myofascial release techniques. Not only does the Mobloko Foam Roller assist with pre- and post-treatment muscle recovery, but the end caps screw off to offer internal storage for the rest of the kit, mobility balls, voodoo band, but also your wallets and car keys. A convenient carrying strap is included for easy transportation to and from your practice.

I would label the foam roller as a medium sized roller, which brings with it limitations as well a perks. Everyone loves a great big foam roller where you never roll off the sides, and the MOBloko roller is just big enough that it felt comfortable being on it and rarely hitting the edges. Big muscle groups were no problem and it covered the width of our entire backs. The internal PVC tubing structure helps the roller to maintain its rigidity even after plenty of use. While the foam exterior not only provides enough cushion to make the rolling bearable, but the modest textured design feels great along tight, sore muscles.

The roller did great on all of our leg muscles. Once you move up into the shoulders and neck area, we found there were places you still needed the pin point effects of a lacrosse ball, Good thing the kit includes a variety of different mobility balls!  The high density foam mobility balls seem to do their job pretty well and have held up so far. I've been using it on my legs and upper back and does a lot better job than a standard roller. It gets into smaller places than a large roller can. However, I would prefer stand rubber lacrosse balls and rubber peanut to be able to apply more pressure, and I am worried with high use the foam balls will lose their shape and rigidity over time. But for now, it is doing its job just fine.

Final Results:
Overall I rate this Mobility Kit from MOBLoko as a 9/10 and would definitely recommend it to every beginner starting a mobility program and to have a kit for home use.  It allows coaches, trainers, therapists to easily direct a buyer to one location to purchase all they need in one well thought out kit.  Their website even includes many technique and demonstrations on how to use the different items in the kit on different muscle groups so they provide a great value.  Like I said my only critique on he product is that I prefer harder rubber mobility balls, for the pressure I can get out of them and the longevity of the material.

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