Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WOD Wednesday #5

For Time:

75 Snatches (75/55lb)

The Snatch is simply the most elegant movement one can perform with a barbell. Think of it as the golf swing of Weightlifting—there are just as many moving parts that must occur in a precise and timely sequence in both. In the Snatch a barbell is moved from the ground to overhead in a single movement without stopping at any point in the journey. “Power” means that the bar reaches a point over your head with your arms fully extended and locked out while your legs are in no more than a ¼ squat. The rep is completed when you stand straight up with the bar held overhead. You do 75 Power Snatches with a 75lb. bar (55 for women), starting your stopwatch before rep #1 and hitting “Stop” at the top of rep #75. If you’ve done the Snatch previously you can go ahead and do this, but I strongly suggest you use an empty bar (45 or 35lb.) and start from the “Hang” position. A common refrain is that you shouldn’t do Weightlifting exercises for high reps. This brings up the hard part of this WOD: you should do each rep with the goal of doing a perfect Snatch. You are training today, and grooving form should take priority over a fast time, especially if you are new to these kind of workouts. Go for it.

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