Thursday, February 23, 2017

CrossFit Open Scaled Post Series

The CrossFit Open season is upon us and it is time to start a new series dedicated to those completing the Open in the scaled division!  Each of the next 5 weeks on Friday I will be posting what the workout is for the scaled division and offer my tips and strategies to boost your performance!  Thanks to our blog partners each week we will be giving away some prizes for those that submit their scores in the comments below.

Some tips to start before we even get to the workout:

  • Make sure you do not try to over haul your routines just because this is a competitive environment.  Warm up the same, eat the same, go about your day the same, and have a strategy before you start the workout.  Now is not the time to make changes, that is something you can tinker with in the off season.  With everything the same, now you can look at and analyze the game plan below, now its time to execute it.  Don't worry about what others do, worry about what's in your control and follow the plan.  Then with a minute or 2 left throw away the plan and go for it!

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