Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WOD Wednesday #2

5 rounds for reps of:
1 minute of 185/115lb. deadlifts
1 minute of push-ups
1 minute of strict knees-to-elbows

I think this is our first “time demand” WOD! We are given a fixed amount of time—3, in fact—and tasked with filling that amount of time with the most amount of work we can muster. In each of the 5 rounds we will do each of 3 exercises for precisely 1:00, recording the number of reps we achieve in each 1:00 segment. At the end of the WOD we add ‘em up and post our number.

1:00 of Deadlifts with 185# on the bar (115# for women). For competition purposes once again you would do your DL with legs hip width apart and hands outside your knees, but for training purposes you may choose to do dumo style if you prefer. Choose a weight you can lift with only a couple of short breaks in the minute.

Push-ups for a minute. Not much need to review this one. Plank position, lower yourself until your chest hits the deck, then extend your arms to a full lock-out. No need to do hand-release unless that’s your thing. Can’t do a full push-up? Feel free to do them from your knees if necessary. I find that making subtle changes in my hand position (width, angle) allows me to go a little longer between breaks.

And finally, strict Knees to Elbows. Hanging from a bar raise your knees to a point at which they come in contact with your elbows, then extend to a point where you are hanging straight from the bar. The obvious scale here is to simply hang from the bar and raise your knees, again without gaining momentum from a swing. Note that your grip may actually be the rate limiting factor, and that the KTE will probably affect your DL grip, too.

After doing each exercise for a minute you jump right back in and start again. There is no rest specified , so the convention is to go right through. Record your total reps for all five rounds.

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