Sunday, January 1, 2017

Context and Format - Welcome to 2017!

Let me preface by saying that anything that gets you started towards a goal and is actually sustainable has value. I've been a college athlete and have trained regularly for the past decade, starting with typical body building programs then evolving to CrossFit programming.   Typically I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions.  Being a gym manager I've seen it time and time again, a boom of new members, only to never step foot in the gym for the rest of the year after February.  However, for myself and my recovery timeline, 2017 is the perfect time to get back on track.

You see, for context of my fitness journey, I am recovering from a torn ligament in my right hand sustained in August from playing pick up basketball.  After surgery, 4 months of physical therapy, and limited use of my upper body, I am finally close to normal function and to resuming my normal training.  This time off has not been kind as I have gained some weight (I contribute that to the holiday season) as well as lost some conditioning and strength.  This all comes with perfect timing, to begin the New Year with a new program, new self experiments, and getting my diet back on track.  Starting January 1st I will be completing Cory Gregory's Squat Every Day program, in which I will go more into detail in a separate post.

Blog Format:
The goal of this blog is report our findings on our health and fitness journey.  It could be anything from testing workout programs, testing supplements, making changes to our diets, tracking body composition, training for events, relaying information we learn from our college courses, analyzing journal articles and studies, motivational posts, or even researching reader requests!  Our goal is to post consistent material weekly, a couple posts from me (Travis) and a couple posts from my lifelong friend Jordan.  We should be able to get on a routine so you will know when to expect posts from each of us, once we get our schedules down for the upcoming semester.

Please note: our styles and fitness background are fairly different and we have different perspectives on how to achieve different results. Jordan is a trainer and Math/Statistics Major, and loves working in absolutes and extremes, debunking studies, and finding statistically significant results.  While I compete and love performance as well, my background from working in gyms and becoming a physical therapist has skewed my thought process in terms of figuring out the minimal effective dose to keep patients and clients engaged to actually make a life change or heal an injury.  Think of my approach as an 80/20 perspective (figure out 20% of the changes you need to gain 80% of the results).  This difference in perspectives is what will give you good content.  Knowing what optimum results look like, allows you to understand how and what degree you will be able to apply them to your journey.   

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